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How can I add more projects to my SVN repository?

Q: How do I add more projects to my SVN repository?

A: Initially there is only 'test' project in your repositiory. It is used for all kind of tests.

Let's assume you want to add another project directory 'project2'.
We will create and use example project2 directory in /tmp but you may use any existing directory with content.
On your local PC run (replace port and server name with yours):

ave:~$ cd /tmp
ave:/tmp$ mkdir project2
ave:/tmp$ cd project2
ave:/tmp/project2$ touch file1
ave:/tmp/project2$ svn --username usersvn import -m "initial checking of project2" . svn://yourdomain.com:11111/project2
Authentication realm: <svn://yourdomain.com:11111> yourdomain.com realm
Password for 'usersvn':
Adding         file1

Committed revision 3.
ave:/tmp/project2$ cd ..
ave:/tmp$ rm -rf project2/
ave:/tmp$ svn co svn://yourdomain.com:11111/project2
A    project2/file1
Checked out revision 3.
ave:/tmp$ ls -l project2/file1
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 0 2013-11-06 21:10 project2/file1

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