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Failed to authorize - authorization failed

Q: Using the same card i have always used when paying for your services I get the message: Failed to authorize: Authorization Failed. A: Card payments can go thru 2 channels: 1) 2checkout.com payment gateway 2) Paypal The causes for payment failures can be different, some of them are listed below: - mismatch between cardholder address and address given when placing order - distance between geo-location of ordering IP and address given when placing order - various limits set on card e.g. number of internet order per day/month, maximum amount that can be spent per day/month - using open proxy for placing an order - mistyping billing data (name, card number, address, CVV code, expiry date) - browser related issues, see also http://iamjammed.com/internet/how-to-fix-authorization-failed-error-on-2checkout-supported-site-when-using-paypal/ Solutions: - check for above causes and retry - try the other channel - contact your bank, they can tell you more details about the attempted payments If you need more time to solve it, please contact us and we will change your due date to avoid automatic suspension of your account.

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