Java Hosting
The most popular Java application servers with straightforward setup process. 30 days trial included in the $0.50 verification fee. Annual and semi-annual discounts are included in the final price.
SSL Certificates
To use SSL certificate with Java you can install it directly in you application server or install in in web server that acts as proxy to your application server. In the latter case you will also need dedicated IP addon to be able to use default HTTPS port 443. We will happily help you with these setups - just open a ticket. You may provide your own CSR (Certificate Signing Request) or we will generate one for you.
VPS Hosting
We preinstall JDK, chosen application server (Tomcat, Glassfish, etc.) and any additional software (SQL server, mail server, etc.) on request. Please contact our Support or enter your software requirements in order notes.
Domain Registration
Domain Transfer
Dedicated Servers
  • Free preinstallation of additional software (for example JDK, MySQL, Tomcat, etc.) is included.
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 5 IPs for Free per Server
  • Tier III+ Data Center
  • Custom backup space available on request
Software licences

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