News: Bandwidth upgrade to 1TB and new package Tomcat Premium

Published: 01/11/2014

Tomcat Premium (512MB) debuts!

New private Tomcat package has been introduced to fit the gap between Tomcat Plus (256MB heap memory + 256MB PermGen memory) and Tomcat Enterprise (1GB heap memory + 1GB PermGen memory).
It has been named Tomcat Premium and comes with 512MB of heap memory + 512MB PermGen memory.

Clients using Tomcat and Tomcat Plus packages can now upgrade to it in Client Area if needed.

If you are using JDK 8 then Perm Gen limit equals MetaSpace limit.

Traffic limit bumps by up to 500%

All our private JVM on shared cPanel server packages have now bandwidth limit increased to 1TB (from previous 200GB). We do not or rarely see our clients reaching the old 200GB limit anyway but they may feel better with 1TB :) 

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