News: Apache Tomee 1.7.0 Web Profile and Tomee 1.7.0 Plus, JDK8u20, JDK7u67 available now!

Published: 25/08/2014

New TomEE

TomEE 1.7.0 brings PLUME profile (Mojarra and EclipseLink), Java SE 8 runtime support and numerous bug fixes and improvements.
Check http://tomee.apache.org/tomee-1.7.0.html for more.

Java updates

* Java SE Development Kit 8, Update 20 (JDK 8u20) 1.8.0_20-b26

This update release contains several enhancements and changes including Java Mission Control 5.4, Advanced Management Console (AMC) 1.0 and new features and changes.
Check release notes for more.

* Java SE Development Kit 7, Update 67 (JDK 7u67) 1.7.0_67-b01

Check release notes for more.

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