News: Cyclos 4 hosting at JVM Host - free up to 300 users!

Published: 20/03/2014

Cyclos 4 Pro comes with free licence allowing for up to 300 users. When your community grows up reaching the limit you will need to buy a commercial license that comes in a few flavors.

Basic difference when it comes to setup requirements (comparing to Cyclos 3) is use of PostgreSQL 9.3 with Postgis2 extension and its earthdistance and cube tables. The intallation is also further simplified and we handle it as usual.

To get Cyclos 4 running on our servers just order Cyclos package (or a VPS package). When you receive account details go to Cyclos URL that we will provide and login to your instance. To get login credentials to your Cyclos 4 instance you will need to first register at https://license.cyclos.org/. This will also ativate your Cyclos 4 license and log you into Cyclos 4 as (global) admininstrator.

Cyclos version 4.0.1 was released at 26/02/2014

You can host Cyclos along with PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby applications. For example create a website in a PHP CMS and integrate it with Cyclos. Mail services are included so your cyclos can easily send notifications. All cPanel provided features are included and Cyclos will run in your private Java Virtual Machine.

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