News: JDK 7u40 (1.7.0_40-b34), WildFly 8.0 and PSI Probe 2.3.3 available at JVM Host!

Published: 12/09/2013

PSI Probe in Java Control Panel

PSI Probe is available as alternative manager and monitor for Tomcat in our custom Java Control Panel. Clients can easily choose between Tomcat Manager, PSI Probe and no manager. PSI Probe (a fork of Lambda Probe) is hosted as Google project and intended as more featureful replacement for default Tomcat manager. It has the following features:

Sessions: browse/search attributes, view last IP, expire, estimate size
Requests: monitor traffic in real-time, also on a per-application basis
Logs: view contents, download, change levels at runtime
Data Sources: view pool usage, execute queries
Threads: view execution stack, kill
Connectors: status and usage charts
JVM: Memory usage charts, advise on Garbage Collection
Java Service Wrapper: restart JVM
JSP: view source, compile, browse
System: memory usage, CPU usage, swap usage
Cluster: status and usage charts

JDK 7u40 (1.7.0_40-b43) is available

We strongly recommend to keep your JDK updated. It is as easy as choosing new version in Java Control Panel and restart your appserver there. This update release contains several enhancements and changes including the following:

Java Mission Control (JMC) 5.2
JavaFX 2.2.40 is now part of JDK
JDK for Linux ARM
JAXP Security Improvements
New Security Warnings for Unsigned and Self-Signed Applications
Option to disable the "JRE out of date" warning
Deployment Rule Set
Default x.509 Certificates Have Longer Key Length
Retina Display support on Mac OS X

See full Release Notes

WildFly 8.0 Alpha 4 - Community version of JBoss

WildFly 8.0 is available in our Java Control Panel for clients using JBoss package. WildFly is new name for JBoss Community Edition. See more on new features.

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