News: Apache Ant and Maven upgrades

Published: 08/04/2013

What's new in Apache Ant 1.9.0:

March 11th, 2013

· Java 1.5 is now required
· support for @Ignore annotation in JUnit 4 testcases
· the minimum version of JUnit 4 required is JUnit 4.11
· the zip, bzip2 and tar tasks are improved
· removal of the Perforce Ant tasks; users of these tasks can use the tasks supplied by Perforce Inc. instead, which contain more functionality and connect natively to the Perforce servers
· numerous bug fixes and improvements as documented in Bugzilla and in the release notes


What's new in Apache Maven 3.0.5:

Apache Maven 3.0.5 is a maintenance release to address various regressions/bugs and to deliver other minor improvements. The new version 3.0.5 is a recommended update for anybody currently using Maven 3.0.x.

For more information see the changelog for 3.x line.

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