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How do I setup custom php.ini settings?

Our php version 5 runs as FCGI and phpSuExec enabled. This is essential for security and allows our customers to forget about world-writable directories required by many php applications. 
Users are not able to have php flags in their .htaccess file. Having php flags in .htaccess files is a common cause of internal server errors on servers with phpSuExec enabled. 

Note: we do not allow our shared hosting customers to change their php settings to protect the quality of service for our shared hosting environment. If you require any non-default php.ini setting then please contact our support team at support at jvmhost.com.
You can check your current PHP settings by using the phpinfo() function. Simply place phpinfo(); in a new file with a .php extension. Again, it is important to note that any changes we make in your custom php.ini are recursive meaning they do carry over to other directories in your account.

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