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My WordPress blog doesn't work with the temporary URL.

To rectify this problem follow the bsteps below:

- Ensure that your WordPress installation is complete, and you know what the name of the database is. If Fantastico installed WordPress for you, the name of the database is likely to be: username_wrdp1 or username_wrdp2. - Login your cPanel at www.yourdomain.com/cpanel.
- Select 'phpMyAdmin' from the 'Databases' menu.
- Select your database name from the dropdown list on the left. 
- Click on 'wp_options' from the option list. 
- A list of tabs is displayed at the top of the page to the right of the drop down box. Click on the first: 'Browse'. 
- The database entries will be listed in columns and rows, you need to select the Pencil Icon for the top row 'Site URL'.
- Your domain name will be listed as something like this: http://ineedtotest.com You need to change that to: http://555.123.556.495/~username/wordpress/ This step is crucial, please take a moment to verify the URL you are typing in here is correct, or you won't see any change.
- Once you've changed the url, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page, then click 'Go'.

Once you've changed your name servers so your domain name resolves to your cPanel account, you don't have to go back into 'phpMyAdmin' to make the change again. Simply log into your Admin Panel, there is a tab for 'Options'. In there you will see: WordPress address (URI): Is set to your temporary url. Change this to your domain name with any folders required, and you're back to normal.

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